kitten__noir (diekatze1) wrote in vaginapagina,

took two hbc pills in one night, help?

Hello my lovely Superstars!

So I was completely out of it yesterday and I took my Friday AND Saturday HBC within 3 hours of each other (One around 8pm and the other around 12:45am. oops!)

I'm on Tri-Sprintec and on the third week of pills, took the 5th and 6th pills before my placebos. Should I just keep going with the pack or is it okay to skip the one for Saturday and just take my Sunday one tomorrow night? Had PIV sex yesterday morning also, if that makes any difference (and may have some tonight too?) I tried using the search and tags feature on here, but didn't find anything. Also my Google-fu is not working since i wasn't able to find what I needed by search engine.

Thanks everyone! (:
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