Stef (morningapproach) wrote in vaginapagina,

Irregular period after going off the pill?

I went off the pill at the beginning of September - the 8th was my last pill day. I got my period the week after (sept 14-18), and then my first period post pill October 22-29th. I haven't gotten one since. The last time I had sex was October 9th, almost 2 weeks before I got my period, and we used condoms. 

I don't remember what my period was like prior to being on the pill - I went on the pill at 19, and was on it for over 10 years, with no break.  I don't remember whether or not it was regular or not (I feel like it wasn't the most regular, but I wasn't sexually active so I don't recall paying particular attention to whether it was regular or not).  Life has been stressful though -  a new long-term teaching assignment, some weight gain as a result of poor diet and stress, plus I moved in the middle of November.  

At what point should I be getting worried and seeing the doctor? should I just hold out and wait to see whether my body adjusts? Give it some more time? And are there any herbal supplements that I can take to help me regulate my cycle? I don't want to go on the pill again. 

thanks :)
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