nanidas (nanidas) wrote in vaginapagina,

Breast tenderness?

Hello vp. I'm wracking my brain with this issue because I'm scared to death that it's a pregnancy symptom. I've had sore breasts now since a few days before my approximate date of ovulation (I have Mittelschmerz and I monitor my mucus daily, so it's not perfect) and they haven't gotten better a week later. I have only had sex a few times in the past few months and I used a condom every time as accurate as possible (pinched tip, the works) and my boyfriend and I always check them for a while after we've finished. No slippage or breakage as far as we could tell, and we're two paranoid people. Haha.

I've had a period since the first two times we've had sex (and it was normal for me), and the last time we had sex was earlier this month before a big change in my mucus occured. I'm wondering what else could possibly be a cause of this, because I normally don't get PMS symptoms this early in my cycle. I am scared to death of getting a test done, but I'm making myself go to Planned Parenthood on Monday just to make sure I'm not worrying over something strange. I don't have any other pregnancy symptoms, and the fact that I had my period last month is a big reassurance, but...this tenderness is making me freak out.

What else could cause something like this, you think?
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