1989sofine (1989sofine) wrote in vaginapagina,


Hi everyone!
I have never had anything like this in the past, I think it must be due to shaving. Not so much like an ingrown hair but maybe like an infected hair follicle due to closely shaving recently. What is the protocol for a cyst, if this is in fact one? It feels like a ball under the skin, doesn't really hurt. I only found it today while showering and almost had a heart attack when I started feeling around because it was so unexpected but I shaved yesterday, and this must have developed over night. What can I do to allow this to heal, do I necessarily need to go to my gyno? I wouldn't be able to see her until Tuesday at the earliest. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you! (Picture inclosed under cut)


It is the bump that appears on the right of the photo!

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