kittenlatte (kittenlatte) wrote in vaginapagina,


Okay, long story short. I missed my period last month (not pregnant). Went to the gyno who thought i had a cyst and put me on birth control (Portia).

Well, starting Tuesday I had a little bit of brown blood/discharge when I would wipe and then it turned red. Though for the fast few days I am still bleeding but the blood is not coming out because I stuck my finger up there to see if there was any blood and I always have blood on my finger but it's not coming out on my underwear and rarely when I wipe. Today it's dark brown...  My gyno can't see me till Monday but I am worried about cervical or ovarian cancer..    I thought I was spotting/ having break through bleeding from the pills but the blood is not coming does not seem like normal spotting

I am just scared and confused...
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