polyhedraldream (polyhedraldream) wrote in vaginapagina,

First gynaecologist visit was awful

So I survived my first gynaecologist visit, barely. She won't give me a Mirena, because I can't tolerate the speculum. She got one in, but didn't open it due to my screaming in pain. Instead, I get to stay on Depo Provera until Implanon is approved, and I don't need to have anything involving specula done until I become sexually active (not going to happen).

What I don't know is how gynaecologists can survive their profession without wearing helmets. Are they trained in quickly dodging the feet of patients experiencing "discomfort"? Not that I kicked at her head; I was too busy trying to escape that impaled feeling, which was in the other direction.

After that trip, I returned to my family doctor's office to have a nurse give me my next round of Depo. My doctor could see how traumatized I looked, and pulled me into her office to pick up the pieces. Is being able to put stuff in my vagina a big enough deal for it to be worth looking into the physiotherapy she suggested?

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