jammie_toffee (jammie_toffee) wrote in vaginapagina,

Unsure about what my body is doing!

Hi everyone.

Basically I've been feeling nauseous for two weeks straight now, all through the day, morning to night. It's worse in the mornings and after I've eaten. My appetite has gone down quite a lot. I LOVE cake and anything sweet but looking at a doughnut makes me feel sick. I'm on the 12th day of my pill pack so I had my period not long ago, but yesterday morning I found a tiny bit of blood in my underwear. This is strange as I haven't spotted since I changed my pill a while back. My period and all the cramps etc that come with it are like clockwork. Last night I got some slight pain in my lower abdomen area, almost like shooting pain/cramps but nothing horrendous. Anyway, the blood and pain stopped and I put it out of my mind but today when my partner and I had intercourse we noticed bits of blood on him. This is really out of the norm and I know it can happen but I don't understand the rest of it. Does anyone have any ideas?

INFO: I've been sexually active for 3 years, take my pill at the same time every night without fail, have clockwork periods, and used the pill with withdrawal or condoms until recently we decided to just use the pill.
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