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ouch my boobs! And weird cycle isses. Bonus - could I be preggo too?

Any help from the VPers I have some odd boob issues right now.............

lordy be - they HURT, they are so so very sore - (hubs dont even BREATH on them - looking might not be cool either, touch and I will take your fingers off) the feel sore, kinda tingle and ache, I dont even have to touch them, and they just ache (this is not normal for me)

These days I usually get breast pain up to 2 weeks before my AF comes  :( (that is the max)

I am on day 20 currently - my pain became noticeable 2 days ago. They are slightly swollen, no firmer than usual, no redness or other signs of infection. No weird discharges or anything... Just sore

Normally my cycles are around 45 days long - they have been as short as 32 and as long as 75 I have had the most wacked out cycles EVER this year - so they can not be predicted at ALL :(
this year I had
45 days
75 days (found out I was preggo --- had a mc :( )
54 days
71 days
35 days (this was my last one - got it nov 22 - it was also horrid, heavy and had lots of decidua - also unfunny enough got it on my "wouldhavebeen due date)
the year before that was odd too
and the year before that I had not ONE period - 12 months no period dr had to jump start it finally.

(I have since have had testing - they say everthing is normal... all blood work, all US etc???)

 I never have ovulation pains, if I do, it is so slight as to not be memorable.

as my cycles are so wacked out and the hubs and I have been trying for a baby - it is quite possible that I could be preggo. I POAS yesterday and it was negative - no surprise - IF I am preggo it very well could be to early to tell. We had sex 2 days before my period, then not again till last week thanks to a nasty case of BV and upset bits.

 Other than sore boobs my uterus feels kinda achy too - but in the last year or so this happens from time to time
If I attempt to palpate my own tummy - I can feel something there - (viceral feeling) perhaps the top of my uterus? I dont know - I am not generally in the habit of palpating my stomach. Sex is also uncomfortable, my uterus hurts. Normally I like when he hits my cervix - now I want to climb the walls! It also felt like this before my last period - and never really went away.

across top of uterus is tender to palpation - though not unbearable - just noticeable

Also - I have to pee all the time (no UTI symptoms like burning etc)
Underwear are also driving my bits nuts

My guesses are as follows.
1. PMS from Hell (I am going to have _3_ weeks instead of 1.5-2 weeks of PMS *joy*)
2. Early period (most likely from hell) on its way. I have never ONCE had a cycle that was less than 32 days.
3. An ovarian cyst from hell
4. I am knocked up :D (I can hope) did I get preggo right before my last period started? why still negative tests then. did I ovulate last week and I am preggo and feeling it already?!?!

so 1. why do you think my boobs are hurting - go ahead take a shot in the dark, lets place bets! Whoever gets it right gets I told you so rights! (I will update later on when my body tells me one way or another)

2. What can I do to safely reduce my boob pain... ice was to much - heat was nice - Will tylenol/acetamenophin help at all? I want to avoid the NSAIDS for possible pregnacy precautions. Even my comfiest sports bra is to much - god my shirt touching my boobs is to much - I just want to be nakkid.

sorry so long

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