Real Like A Plastic Bouquet (glortw) wrote in vaginapagina,
Real Like A Plastic Bouquet

Doctor withholding my birth control

Hello, all.
I've switched to a new livejournal, but still use this one for communities, so please don't look at my lj and assume I'm a troll because there aren't many recent entries. (If you for some reason felt the need to verify I am real, my new lj is lafollefille.) Anyway, I've posted here before, and received some helpful advice, but I run into the same problem nevertheless.

I go to Planned Parenthood, as they take my Medicaid insurance, and they're close by. However, last year, when it was time for my Pap, they refused to give me my birth control unless I got the yearly exam/Pap. I sent a letter protesting this to both the PP Southeastern Pennsylvania headquarters and my local branch. The SE PA office never even responded. Local branch, after a week or two, finally had their clinician call me. She went on a spiel about how it was for my health, especially since I'd had an abnormal Pap before (and a subsequent uncomfortable colposcopy which revealed NO CANCER, and every single Pap since the abnormal one, that is 3-4 years' worth, has been normal), it was to help make sure everything was working right, etc etc..but that they weren't "holding [my] birth control hostage" and I didn't have to get the exam. That's not what the receptionist told me. So I went in, got my blood pressure checked, got asked questions, and was told by whoever I did see that I could put off the exam for now, but I HAD to have it within 6 months. I said "Or what? You will just refuse to give me my pills, and recommend I go elsewhere?" and she said "Yes."

So, now it's December. I was due for my Pap in October. I last picked up my 3 month supply of pills in I guess September? I skip the placebo week, but obviously this week I couldn't. I am supposed to restart my pills Saturday. I'm going to go to PP tomorrow or Wednesday, but I know exactly what I'll be told--I'm due for a Pap and as such can't get my pills. What should I do? Try to argue? Ask to speak to the clinician again? I am extremely, extremely uncomfortable with exams. I am in a monogamous relationship and have been for over 4 years. I'm not a high risk for diseases or cancer. I just want my birth control, since I had irregular periods and it's so nice not to now. What can I say to them to get them to give me my pills? This isn't fair and can't be legal. I do not want to get an exam now, or in 6 months. How can I get them permanently off my back about this?
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