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Spider bite treatment

My friend's daughter had an unfortunate run-in with a spider bite on her labia and is now on MASSIVE doses of antibiotics (I think they said 500mg, several times a day... for an 85-pound girl). The two of them are going to the Dr's tomorrow for a follow-up. She is also getting her third period, so things are not at all fun right now. Fortunately, she is pretty open about discussing bodily things in a sciency-and-medicaly-type way, so that is good.

They are looking for recommendations for probiotics. OTC acidopholous is not going to cut it. Mom is prone to yeast infections, and it's done nothing for her. I know that there are several prescription brands, and was hoping to get recommendations. Since they are going to a family doc and not a gyno, probably best to come prepared with suggestions.

Also, any suggestions for easing the pain. We were talking about different numbing gels. I know that some of them sting at first, which is right out. I know that I had something years ago when I had burns in my mouth that did NOT sting, I think it was just lidocaine gel (and suggested to the mom to pick up some Anal-Ease, which, again, the daughter would not be mortified at this, and would probably find it funny). But any suggestions there of products-you-may-have-used-to-numb-things are super welcome, since she wants to get a list together before going to the doctor to make sure that they get everything they need. They will also be seeing about painkillers while there, but I figure every bit helps (and, of course, they will run everything by the doctor before implementing any solutions).

Any OTHER suggestions that you would have for a 12-year-old girl in that situation? Totally also here for that.

(Subject edited for clarity and triggers.)

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