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Near-constant bleeding/spotting

I've always had quite irregular periods, generally with a long cycle, and often some spotting in the last 2 weeks of the cycle. Over the last few months, the frequency of the spotting has increased, and my period has become lighter, so I'm now at the point where I'm pretty much bleeding lightly (full panty-liner in 8 hours or so, or soaking through the centre of a small-sized pad) throughout the month. I don't think I'm actually having a real period or ovulating at all - I have no cramps, bloating or PMS the way I used to.

I visited my doctor, who did a physical exam, test for infections (not sexually active so this was a long shot anyway), a smear test and bloods. Everything was normal apart from a raised prolactin level with the blood work. She sent me to get my visual fields checked after that so I figure she's worried it's a pituitary tumour. I went to the optician, my visual fields were perfect. The only other cause of high prolactin that could apply to me is stress as I'm not on any medications or HBC. I've also noticed some increase in unwanted hairs in the chin & neck area which is also a symptom per Dr Google. (Again, this is something that's always been present to some degree.)

I'm meant to go back to have the prolactin levels checked again in the new year to see if they've returned to normal. However, on top of work stress I'm now freaking out about the possibility of having a tumour (even one that's very likely to be benign and treatable). I'm also tired of constantly bleeding - it's too light for tampons and panty liners often can't quite hack it, so I'm wearing pads and it's starting to get irritating without a break :(

Has anyone else ever had this? Is there anything I can do to stop the bleeding before I see the doctor again?
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