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Pregnancy questions

Hello everyone,

I am at a loss here and need some help, so here I am.

I am a 37 cis female, single with PCOS.  I have never been regular with my menstrual periods except for the last year.  I lost weight, started spirolactone and metformin and for some reason I started to bleed every 27-35 days.

Except for this month.

I had my normal period on Oct 30th which was fine, 5 days with heavy first two days and then gone by day 5.  I then had unprotected sex with a FWB of mine on Nov 12th and 16th, which by looking on a ovulation chart showed me to be fertile during those days.

So I waited, and when my period didn't come by day 27 (Nov 30th) I went and bought a pregnancy test.  And it was negative.

Now it's Dec 10th and I have by passed days 27-35 and still no period.

I have a Dr. appt on Monday Dec 17th and I will know then if I am pregnant, but my curiosity has me.  Can I really be pregnant and it was to soon on that one test?

I am very cheap and don't want to go out and spend money on a pregnancy test two weeks before Christmas when I could be buying someone a present instead.  Here in Canada the tests are free through the Dr. but I have to wait till Monday.

I have experienced what I thought were PMS symptoms but am now wondering if maybe they are more, tender breasts, mood swings (I cry very easily right now), a pressure - almost "full' feeling in my lower ab area and some nausea that goes away when I eat.

Any thoughts from all you wonderful people out there????

Should I get my hopes up??? (yes I would be thrilled if I was pregnant.)
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