flamedchild (flamedchild) wrote in vaginapagina,

Abnormal bleeding?

I'm having light spotting (pinkish-then a bit of dark clotted red blood-then brown) in between periods and I'm not quite sure what is going on since this basically never happens to me. (I already have an appointment for something else with my doctor tomorrow and can discuss this with her and I'm thinking of making an appointment with my obgyn for friday) I'm on ortho tricyclon low. My period was supposed to come the weekend of thanksgiving but it didn't happen (which for some reason has been normal. my body will just decide to have PMS but no blood so that wasn't unusual) I'm currently on day 15 on my pack and starting 2 days ago I started to have very light spotting and a mild abdominal pressure (To the envy of most women I don't get cramps really so that's about the closest I can describe what it feels like without really knowing what a cramp feels like) Since my boyfriend is long distance I know exactly when we have sex, which is when I visit. The time line is basically sex Nov 16-17-18, period was supposed to start nov 23 but didn't. Sex again nov 30-dec 1-2. I've taken 3 pregnancy tests, all negative so the closest I can come up with is that this is spotting from ovulation but given I NEVER spot it raised flags of concern. I honestly have no idea what is going on. If I was pregnant from intercourse the tests would be positive, and it's too soon before my next period is supposed to happen for it to be spotting from implantation, so am I correct in thinking it's ovulation spotting and if so because it's not normal for me to do so is it a cause for concern? I also have not had frequent/rough intercourse until recently if that makes any difference. Any advice is greatly appreciated :)
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