lipsticklover16 (lipsticklover16) wrote in vaginapagina,

Very sensitive skin - advice, comments?

Hey Everyone! Here's my "problem":

I have very thick hair and EXTREMELY sensitive skin. I'm 20 years old & I'm black btw.
I like to shave my underarms and vaginal area. both areas are extremely prone to bumps/hair bumps and I get them all the time; they are also very painful. But it seems like using a razor to my skin causes problems. I've used NEW razors, different brands etc. Maybe my skin doesnt like razors? I'm thinking that I probably pulled out a piece of hair on accident and it didn't can I avoid this?

I don't like having pubic hair and I like to shave myself bald...should I try waxing for both areas? What should I do that could help me stop getting these bumps or minimize the outbreaks?
How do I treat the bumps? I currently have one on my vagina and I would like to know what should/can I do?

ALL thoughts are welcome, and thanks in advance! :)
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