jaz (gabardinedreams) wrote in vaginapagina,

Post-Abortion Care

Lovely to see that this community is still going strong!

I have a quick concern.. I am probably just being overcautious.

I had a surgical abortion two weeks ago yesterday. I also had a Mirena IUD inserted at the same time.
They said nothing inside for two weeks including fingers etc. They also said two weeks for hottubs but baths are ok after a few days.

I'm not sexually active currently, found out about the pregnancy after a breakup, so it hasn't been an issue.. but I really want to go in my mom's hottub, and I'm very curious to feel the strings for the IUD. but I still have a bit of bleeding. It's more of an old blood type discharge, I haven't had any bright red blood for a long time. Should I be worried? It's been two weeks but I don't want to risk messing anything up if I'm still healing.


ETA: I think I could go in the hottub without a tampon etc without any worries, it's really more of a coloured discharge than anything. Just worried about infection otherwise.
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