jolie_2388 (jolie_2388) wrote in vaginapagina,

IUD and sponges?

Hello all,

I'm new here, but have a question...

I have just (like 24 hours ago), had the IUD copper coil fitted. No one told me until after it was fitted that you shouldn't use anything in the vagina for the first period at least... trouble is it's probably going to arrive when I'm on holiday.. and beaches, bikinis, sea etc and no internal menstrual protection don't seem to go hand in hand to me.

I usually use a mooncup, however there are apparently issues with the suction on this and I don't particularly want to risk using it until I'm settled onto the IUD. Tampons risk pulling on the strings apparently.

So are there any other solutions out there? I've been thinking about the menstrual cups that are more like bags, but I don't know anything about those...

Or sponges - do they pose the same risk of snagging on the chords as tampons?

I'm generally only talking about for the first period here.. I think after that I'll probably use pads and then eventually go back to my mooncup as long as I'm soooper careful with the suction.

Does anyone have any experience or know anything about this?

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