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Vag itch: Is it something more?

Hey everyone!

I'm one of those people with extremely sensitive skin. People who know me IRL can attest to that. People can draw on my arms with pencils (it puffs my skin), and even forgetting to properly dab my face dry can leave me with a sore red face.

A few years back, I developped a very painful mystery stomach illness. It basically came about suddenly, and felt like the most intense pain. I couldn't eat (eating triggered pain) so my doctors assumed it was an ulcer and gave me meds. For five years it went on, and I developed a weird lactose-intolerance that finally went away. At the same time, I discovered I had some intense joint pain and swelling that docs chalked up to me being super tall. It was bad enough they put my arm in a cast!

Having said all that, last year I ran to VagPag because of some intense vag/vulvar itching. It never truly went away, no matter the medication. Diagnosed as BV, then yeast, then BV then "I don't know here's some baking soda for your pain", there's no docs that can help.

The itching has spread (even my dentist pointed out that my gums were reacting!). It's subtle, and crawly but sometimes very precise and intense. NOTHING makes it better.
Is this possibly lupus? Has anyone any idea what this could be?
Thanks for taking the time to read this, it's just I feel really alone on this and my docs make me feel like I'm making things up.

(My boyfriend and I also haven't been sexually active for a few months because of this. So if it's him...?)

P.S. I changed accounts, sorry!

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