with fingernails that shine like justice (defaultlyric) wrote in vaginapagina,
with fingernails that shine like justice

First timer here...

So, I haven't got health insurance and I don't made enough money to be able to afford a doctor's care, but I have what I am almost certain is either endometriosis or fibroids or something similar (based on the research I've been doing and things I've learned from talking to people). Just, really terrible, AWFUL periods with cramps so bad I have to sometimes just lay on the floor and cry because I can't move, and so much bleeding that sometimes I have to call in sick because I literally cannot leave the bathroom for hours on end; thick, black, clots, the whole deal.

I was turned to Planned Parenthood today by a co-worker, and it sounds pretty great, and she's almost certain they'll tell me I should get on birth control. Which is fine, if it's going to help. I've just always been really scared of trying it (never been on it, in all my 27 years). In particular she was singing the praises of the depo shot, which she said took away her period altogether. Has anyone here had it/are you on it now? I was reading about some possible side effects such as hair loss/balding, increase in body hair, heavier periods (heavier? If I lose anymore blood I'll freakin' DIE) and other not-so-great stuff. I'm also afraid of blood clots that are a possibility in other sorts of BC. (It doesn't help that I'm a bit overweight, and at greater risk.)

So I guess I'm just trying to take a survey here and find out what everyone here thinks. What kind of BC are you on, if any? What kinds have you tried? Any side effects, and how bad were they? Recommendations? Warnings? I'll take anything you can give me, though I'm quite interested in this depo shot my co-worker was talking about.

Thanks guys!
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