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Please share your experiences after stopping HBC? Here's mine:

I was wondering if any of you who had been on HBC for at least a year or longer and then went off any form of birth control that typically changes your hormone balance would mind sharing your experiences. I was on HBC pill for a year and a half and recently went off it because I'm trying to get pregnant.

Because, as I believe I've stated in previous posts here, I am hyper-aware of everything my body does now, I would like some one else's experience(s) to compare mine too. It makes no logical sense, that I am aware of, that I could be pregnant yet I am experiencing or think I am experiencing pregnancy symptoms.

Since I took my last active pill of HBC on Nov 3 and was advised by my grynocologist that it may take up to three months for my body to resume 'normal' cycles, I'm not sure when my next period is due. Calculating from the first date of my last period and adding 28 days I'm theoretically due to start my period on Thursday Dec 6. I did not track my period cycles before starting HBC a year and a half ago. I just know that I was always pretty regular...never went more than four weeks, I believe, before I started my next period. After much in depth discussion and due to personal reasons, my husband and I have decided to first approach TTC without tracking basal body temperature, cervical mucus, or ovulation tests; this is mostly due, currently, to the fact that my cycles are expected to be rather unpredictable and I don't want to stress over whether or not I am ovulating from the very beginning. Of course, with that decision has come the repercussions in that I am taking close notice of anything that could be connected with pregnancy symptoms...even this soon after going off HBC.

Anyway, the point of this post is to share what I've experienced so far and to ask for your input and experiences with going of HBC. You don't have to have gone off the pill in order to get pregnant for me to find your experiences helpful. All I ask is that once you went off HBC, that you have at least spent a month off any birth control that affects your hormones if you are going to share your experience(s). I ask this because I want to compare what my "symptoms" or experiences are to others who have been or are in my similar situation. Hopefully, this will help others going through this same thing as well as me.
What I've experienced since going off HBC:

-very slight nausea with no vomiting;
usually lasts only a half hour; usually after I wake up or around when I eat.

-sore breasts: the pain is usually inside the breasts and when I touched them as they were hurting, the pressure of my fingers did not affect the dull ache inside. Also, after taking off my bra, the tops of my breasts felt sore. This aching occured about a week ago and happened usually in the afternoon and evening. I didn't like them to be touched despite knowing finger pressure didn't actually affect them; it was a psycohological reaction I think. There was one day where my breasts seemed fuller or bigger but I'm not sure if that was my imagination. My husband thought there were pretty much the same; he said they did seem a little fuller maybe.

-constipation. Three seperate times, a few days apart about a week ago. This may have been due to dietary issues but I havern't had constipation in several months and never within a few days' span.

-slight cramping. about two weeks after my last period started, I had bouts of mild cramping in my uterus. This lasted for a span of a week or so and hit any time of day.

-hot flashes; I didn't notice this at first until today. However, for a few weeks now, I've been getting hot much easier than usual. It gets to the point that I shuck my pants at hom--it's usually just my legs that feel hot.

-rather vivid dreams; this has been happening for about a week and a half. No nightmares, just that I'm remembering the dreams much more frequently and they are...odd and somewhat disconcerting.

-oily face: I've never had to deal with oily skin or more than two pimples at the same time, even when I was in my teens. I have not developed any pimples yet but my face feels more oily now from time to time--it's not constantly oily. This could be, I assume, partly due to hot flashes? Though the oily skin and the hot flashes do not always coincide, as far as I remember.

-extremely emotional. Since starting HBC, I think I did seem to become more emotional than before I went on birth control. However, since stopping, there's at least one or two days every week where my emotions have gone from normal or sad or mad easily. Most markedly, is this past Monday night, Dec 3. In the span of twenty minutes, I went from fine to crying over a song to laughing at my husband and back to crying hysterically because I didn't know why I had been crying to begin with. The song was sad, but it wasn't cry-worthy. I've found myself being more prone to crying fits, even when I don't actually feel sad, than I do to being abrasive due to feeling angry.

-headaches. I usually do not have headaches unless they are related to sinus problems. Generally, I have headaches once or twice every few months. For the past two weeks, I've had mild headaches in my forehead that last for about twenty minutes or so. I try and not take pain medication for them but sometimes I do take advil or tylenol.

-fatigue and exhaustion. This has been happening about two and a half weeks I think. Even if I've had a good eight hours of sleep, there haver been several days when I've absolutely had to take a nap...for a few hours. The lethargy comes and goes though and not every day. When I get tired like that, I can't concentrate on anything but trying to stay awake (if I'm at work or am in a position where I can't sleep) or I will crash on my bed and sleep.

I have not had any spotting or dark discharge on my undies. My nipples or areolas do not look darker.

So I'm pretty sure that every thing I've listed sounds like it could be due to pregnancy. I know, however, that these could pretty much be atrributed to what feels like anything under the sun. :/ I took a home pregnancy test Monday night, after my bout of extreme emotionalism, and it was a negative. I know that it is fesible that if I were pregnant, however slight that posibility may be, that the test could have been taken a little too soon since my projected period date is Dec 6. I also am fairly certain that some of these symptoms could be due to withdrawal from HBC.I'm honestly confused. It feels like I could be pregnant, despite the fact that I pretty much just went off birth control. I don't "feel" pregnant, really; I just feel like the math adds up to my being pregnant. However, the flip side is that it doesn't really seem possible for me to be pregnant so soon. We've had sex several times since I went off birth control, but I'm under the assumption that I probably haven't actually ovulated yet due to the HBC still possibly being in my system.

I'm planning to set up an appointment with my GP tomorrow, the theoretical date my period is due, so that he can run some tests. Maybe I am pregnant--that would be awesome!. However, If I'm not pregnant, I really am concerned about what is causing these symptoms. I would really appreciate any constructive input on this. I would honestly love it if anyone else out there who has gone through a similar situation as mine with the going off HBC, cold turkey as it were, would share with me too! :)

EDIT: Not two hours after posting this, I went to the bathroom and noticed my usual brown, sticky discharge that signals my period is imminent within the next 24 hours. So, clearly, I am not pregnant. My only other options would be that my body was/is reacting to withdrawal from birth control and normal PMS symptoms or I've got some strange problem. Really, though I'm thinking it was/is just PMS and withdrawal from HBC.

Can I just say I'm excited and relieved that I've already started to get my first period off birth control?? :) I'm thinking it means I'm probably already ovulating! hehe. I'm off to post on trying4baby. Still, though, I am interested to hear what your experience(s) have/are with stopping HBC.

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