Eva (supersaiyaneva) wrote in vaginapagina,

VH Essentials BV Treatment

I'm currently using VH Essentials BV Treatment for the first time. I used only half a pill for the first night. In the morning I had clear odorless watery discharge. It went away though. After awhile I got curious and checked what the discharge was like with my finger and it was clear, mucusy, and oderless. I thought, Alright this stuff is working! I take the other half of the pill that night, next morning same discharge. But when I checked it out later on there were tiny skin like tissue left on my finger and the discharge was a little white but mostly clear. Used my first whole pill that night. That morning I still had the clear watery discharge but it had an odor to it. I think its the start of a yeast infection. Or its just something normal that happens while taking this. Has anyone else experienced the weird skin like tissue stuff or the odd smelling watery discharge? I'm hoping its just because the treatment is working and its clearing out the infection.
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