Baby Bing Bing Bong (naketano) wrote in vaginapagina,
Baby Bing Bing Bong


quick question. i'm on the birth control Altavera (generic of nordette) and i didn't get my period in november. i am not sexually active so i can't be pregnant (unless the baby is jesus). those placebo pills for  a week and nothing. not even spotting. i did get some cramps in the beginning of the week and my boobs hurt. but nothing else.

i'm supposed to make an appointment w/ planned parenthood for the end of this month cuz i need a new prescription blah blah blah, so ofc i'll ask about it then. but in the mean time i just wanna know if this can happen and should be worried?

i also started zoloft at the beginning of november so i'm afraid that it might be an interaction or something.

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