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MMMMonday! Self-care in grief.

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The holiday season can be a difficult time for those who are grieving. Because of that, we'd like to take this week to provide a couple of links about grief from a health/self-care perspective and a space to talk if you want to.

From Harvard, a brief article on grief from a health perspective. It includes information on the physical symptoms of grief, what constitutes "complicated grief", and some support for dealing with grief during the holiday season specifically. Fletcher Allen hospital offers these guidelines as to when to call emergency services or your health care provider about your experience of grief.

Self-care is both very important and often very difficult during times of loss. If you feel a means of evaluating how you're doing with self-care in grief would be helpful to you, you may be interested in trying this self-care quiz. Finding a balance: a self-care quiz. (Keep in mind that this quiz does contain some problematic assumptions about physical ability and general health, but as a rough guideline it may still be useful.)

If you are grieving this holiday season or have experienced grief in the past, we welcome you to talk about it here if that feels right to you. If you need any additional resources or want to share a link or article about grief that has been helpful to you, please comment and let us know! Love and support to all of you. <3
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