pure_midori (pure_midori) wrote in vaginapagina,

In Search of A New Birth Control, What is Your personal favorite?

I am currently on depo provera and it usually only has mild effects but lately Ive been having horrible mood swings, tons of break through bleeding and I am developing a mustashe plus I have been gaining weight.  Before The shot I was on the nuva ring and I loved it minus the constant yeast infections.

I havent taken any pills but I was thinking about starting some but have no clue about the brands.

I was wondering what you guys personally use and why you like them because I am ready for a change.

I was thinking about the insertion into the arm method.

I am 24 in a monogamus relationship, 5'1 142 pounds. no health issues, with a family history of heart disease.

I do not want any children until after I am 30.
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