Crazy/Beautiful (poppy_shampoo) wrote in vaginapagina,

promoting menstruation after 5 years hbc

Hi Supa Stahs, I looked in the VP search but didnt quite find what i was looking for, answers wise. So, here's hoping someone out there is willing to help a fellow VagPag community member out!

I posted about a month and a half ago with a pregnancy question when I went off birth control in Japan for 3 months, and after 6 weeks had a pos preg tesr, but an ultrasound showed an empty uterus. So, no fetus, but also, even three months later, no period...and I want to get back on schedule! My husband and I want to start TTC, but in order to do that I feel like my cycle needs to start back at zero, i.e. the shedding.

I've heard about parsley tea as a way to kick start a period, often as a way either to prevent pregnancy or to avoid vacation menses. My question to y'all is, can it bring down a period from hibernation? Is it a good idea? Would it help to get my cycle into ovulating again? I assume my uterus is basically trying to rebuild lining after 5 years of HBC regulation, so would promoting a shed hurt more than it would help? To anyone who's tried using the tea, did your cycle go back to regular after using it or was it wonky for a while?

Please forgive my questions, I just feel so lost without my little bloody friend. Thanks, all! (Edited for clarity)
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