limestrudel (limestrudel) wrote in vaginapagina,

Light bleeding one week after period has ended

I've discovered that I am having some light bleeding about one week after my period has ended. I'm a bit confused about this because this has never happened to me before. Things to note, I'm 26 and my period has been regular for the past two years. I am sexually active and use only a condom and calendar tracking as the only forms of birth control. We have never engaged in unprotected sex.

My last period was from November 20 - 26. I had protected sex twice on the 25th while I had a very light period flow.

I started noticing some light brown discharge until the 29th which I assume to be old blood left over caused by having sex near the end of my period. I checked again on the 30th and it was the usual white discharge. Today, Dec 1, I noticed red blood while wiping.

The only thing I can think of is something happened when I had sex on the 25th (condom did not break both times). The second time we had sex that day, he was being rough and we had to stop because I became too dry. About two days after, I noticed a small tear near my vaginal opening because of some slight stinging while wiping. No blood has come from the tear, and when I first noticed the light bleeding earlier today I double checked and noticed that the blood was coming from my vaginal opening.

So, I guess my question is whether the light bleeding be because of the rough sex or perhaps something else? I guess the something else I'm worried is implantation bleeding, but considering my situation i think it's me being paranoid because my body is doing something different than usual in my menstrual cycle.
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