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So, backstory: about a month ago I had UTI symptoms (the feeling I had to pee a lot and some lower abdominal pain).  I went to the doctor and she did a urine test which came back positive for a UTI.  I was given antibiotics which I then totally screwed up taking.

So, earlier this week,I went back to the doctor with the same symptoms again (no burning during urination, just the pressure feeling and some cloudy urine).  She didn't test this time because I had taken a OTC medication which discolored my urine.  She gave me a shorter dose of a super strong antibiotic and sent me on my way. 

Now, it's 5 days later and I've finished the medication, and my symptoms are better, but not totally gone.  The symptoms have also been lessened greatly in the past week by taking OTC cranberry-based remedies.

It's possible I'm freaking myself out, but I'm worried I might have PID. So, my question is, how do I know?  and is there really a way to test for PID? Also, I don't have a regular gyno, so is this something I could go to Planned Parenthood for?

A couple of facts:

-I'm sexually active with one person who is STI free and we always use condoms
-I have, however, had a couple of bouts of bad behavior in regards to keeping toys clean in the previous month
-I'm 24 and a cis straight female

Thanks in advance!
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