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Sudden disappearance or just a super late arrival of a normal PMS symptom?

Ever since I began menstruating 13 years ago, I have had the plague of sore boobs. I started tracking my BBT last month and noticed that my breasts became tender the day I ovulated, which I thought actually made a lot of sense. This month, according to my chart, I ovulated on the 16, and should see my period in the next two days or so, but my breasts feel great (not that I'm necessarily complaining). I have always, always, always had sore breasts at the least a week before my period is due to arrive, and at the most, two weeks beforehand, so I find it strange that I have nothing.

So I'm wondering: is this just one of those weird body things where my body is doing whatever the heck it feels like because, hey, that's just what bodies do sometimes and no one knows why; a side effect of coming off my birth control (I've been off for two and a half months now? Three? Something like that); me having a much longer than normal luteal phase (which means I should get sore boobs ... whenever? Even when I had a longer than expected luteal phase, I still had tender breasts); or, as the internet likes to make people paranoid, pregnancy? I'm doubtful that I'm pregnant, although potential user error of the FAM method makes it possible. After the end of my period last month, my boyfriend and I have been using condoms, until about 4 or 5 days I ovulated (and my charts are thankfully very easy to read; I always get a very significant and obvious rise in temperature the day after I ovulate (since my temperature usually drops a little the day of)). Now, I assumed that with such a consistent level of temperatures above my coverline, we should be out of the danger zone, but I'm curious and wondering now, especially since the internet keeps telling me "sore boobs means you're pregnant! no symptoms at all means you're pregnant!"

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