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Short story is that I was prescribed suppositories for nausea and when I finally got home from the pharmacy and looked at them, I realized I have no idea how the hell to get these up my ass.

Long story is that I have a neurological disorder that's getting exciting and all of the medications that help it have super high rates of "Common Side Effects: Nausea and Vomiting" and I'm getting all of that. I was prescribed a suppository antinausea medication that's foil wrapped and sort of bullet shaped.

... Do I just sort of... shove it up there and hope it stays there? I haven't had to use suppositories since I was seven and had a stomach bug that almost landed me in the hospital and all I remember of that was how embarrassing it was. I'm not 100% how I'm supposed to be using these before getting on the train to work in the morning so ... any advice?
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