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Bladder weirdness

Hey everyone,

I have a kinda vague question but I think it *might* be a UTI, so I figured this place would be a good start.

For the past week or so, I've been needing to pee a lot. It feels like normal, except when I go to the bathroom, even if I'm really bursting, not a lot comes out. Afterwards I feel fine and totally relieved, but in another hour and a half I'll be needing to go really badly again. It's like my bladder currently holds about 1/3 the amount it should. I've never had a UTI (I've had sudden bouts of rather intense UTI-ish symptoms that come and go on their own within about 8 hours, but I've never thought much of it and I haven't had one lately) and I'm usually pretty infection-resistant, so I don't really know what to make of it. 

Another thing is that my pee is suddenly really colourless. Since I started uni three months ago I've been making an effort to drink more water/non-caffeinated liquids (I used to be constantly dehydrated because I never felt thirsty at all), and I noticed a little bit of a difference in this department, but not a huge change like this. There is hardly any yellow anymore.

Other than those two things, I feel perfectly fine. No burning or pain. Is there anything I can try to knock this on its arse if it is a UTI? I have an appointment with the campus health clinic next Wednesday to talk about something else, so if I'm really worried or it gets a lot worse I can always bring it up then. Do I need to go get a big thing of cranberry juice?

Thanks in advance, you rock :)
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