juliiie87 (juliiie87) wrote in vaginapagina,

Looking for my first vibrator

Hey Superstars !
So as the title says, I'm looking to get a sex toy. I know there are trillions of entries about this, but I'm a newb, and I have something in mind, so I need your knowledgeable opinion. Preferably fast. So I've found this on a "special bulk offers" website, and that baby would cost me about 45 USD : http://www.grooptoo.com/pk_fr/her/vibrator/pretty-love-love-hot-impulse-love.html

The text says it's rechargeable, waterproof, 10 vibe programmes/speeds, "high quality silicone", flexible in some places and firm in others. How much should you reasonnably expect to spend on a toy like this ? How much is considered a good deal ? And most importantly, is this a shady product ? Obviously the fact that I can't find any info on this brand is slightly worrying... what if it's actually some kind of harmful plastic ?

Also more generally, I looked at this one because I'd primarily like something curved for g-spot stimulation, and quite possibly for the clit too. Not too big, not too realistic either. And obviously safe and efficient. I'm located in Europe, not the UK, and my home country is known for its expensive everything, so thriftiness is also what has drawned me to this deal...

I apologize if this is repetitive, inappropriate or if my english is somehow failing me. Thank you all !
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