Katrina (sweetest_sin_78) wrote in vaginapagina,

Could I be pregnant?

I just... I'm scared and confused and anxious. Please be gentle?

I track my periods using MyMonthlyCycles. I had a period on October 5th, and then another on October 28th. These were both normal periods. I'm regular and 23 years old. My companion and I have been having unprotected sex (I know...) since September 22. We're not TRYING to get pregnant, but we're obviously not trying not to. According to my normal 23 day cycle, I should have started yesterday or today. I took an HPT, one of the "We can tell you 6 days before your missed period" ones, yesterday, but it came back negative. I did it with my first mornings pee, waited 3 minutes. Negative.

I have been switching around medications (which is what scares me), but none of them have told me a side effect of messing with menstrual cycle. I'm taking 150 MG Seroquel XR and 275 MG Effexor XR daily for bipolar disorder and sever anxiety that I was recently diagnosed with. They both say not to take late in pregnancy or when breastfeeding, but nothing about early on.

My breast are very tender, I'm exhausted (which might be from the medications, but I've been on them for a month), I'm constipated (but that's kind of a normal for me)... I'm having a LOT more dreams than I use to and I'm remembering them. I'm having mild cramping (my period cramps are like hell).

I just don't know. It costs me $115 to go to my Dr. I know I can make an appointment with a place like Planned Parenthood or like that, but with the Thanksgiving holiday right around the corner I don't know if they will be open. Plus since I DO have insurance, I feel bad going to a place like PP and taking away from the people who don't have insurance.

I'm just scared.

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