sparkleseahorse (sparkleseahorse) wrote in vaginapagina,

flagystatin cream?

I have been experiencing postcoital bleeding and soreness/pressure in my pelvic area. I went to a doctor +gyno today. It almost feels like a bladder infection (same kind of pressure).

The last time I had a pap test, the dr told me my cervix was eroded a bit. So I had been assuming this was the cause for the bleeding.

The gyno said cervical infections are often mistaken for bladder infections, because they are so close. They tested but I don't have a bladder infection/UTI. He prescribed flagystatin cream and said it would clear up any discomfort during sex.

Right now I definitely feel like I have some kind of infection due to the soreness + pressure. Has anyone had luck using flagystatin cream for these reasons? I'm kind of skeptical about the bleeding not coming back.
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