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medication, college, stress, sex; all delaying period?

[EDIT: my period has arrived in all its painful, waterfall-esque glory! thank you so much to anyone who commented; i will attempt to finish the rest of my classes for the day and drive home for break without curling up into a ball in a corner and weeping in pain!]

hello all! i'm probably worrying myself much more than i have to, but y'all are wonderfully helpful and reassuring.

the last time i had sex was about 2 months ago (i live away at college and my boyfriend is at home); i was on top of him and the condom slipped off as i got off of him, but a good inch and a half of it was outside my body and i pulled it out right away. i ran to the bathroom, washed my hands, and used a little washcloth to clean the entire area and even scrubbed out my vagina as far as i could until everything up there was as dry as i could get it. my next period was in october and completely normal.

during the summer, my cycle is about a month and a half because my sleeping and eating habits are so different from during the school year. once i go back to school, it takes about 2 cycles or so to even out to about a month, and even then it's never very exact. i was on morgidox (an antibiotic) for two months from august to right after my period in october to clear up acne and am still on acanya (which is a lotion) right now. also for two weeks in october i was on naproxen (an nsaid) for a shoulder injury from playing the violin. i ended most of these after my period in october. i also had bloodwork done twice for potential thyroid problems and i have to go back to the nurse after thanksgiving break and have it done again because my levels were a little funky. add all of that to 8 classes this semester, the hurricane, a trip to an anime convention for a weekend, and the nagging worry in the back of my head that i could possibly be pregnant (although i've had no signs whatsoever), and it's reasonable to think that my period would be completely off this month, but i always worry about these things.

i've had occasional cramps the past few days (which always happens up to a week before my period is due), i'm not hungry much at all, and whenever i orgasm (from masturbation as i'm still at school) i have period-like cramps right afterwards for a few minutes, which is another way i've always been able to tell my period is there and eventually on its way. would that bloodwork in october have been able to show if i was pregnant? the nurse did ask if i was sexually active and said pregnancy was unlikely but a possibility (i'd been have hunger issues at the time). it was never mentioned in the results, so am i just worrying my period away at this point, coupled with all these things through the past month and my already naturally unpredictable cycle? college also doesn't help because i live in a suite which is pretty far from the dining hall, and so i might get there once a day and that's it, and subside off of food and snacks in my dorm otherwise; depending on what day it is and when my classes are, it's generally never the same. even not taking my vitamins for a few days can wreak havoc, since i take them because my eating habits are so irregular because of classes.

i plan on going to the doctor to get on hbc as soon i go home for thanksgiving break on tuesday because i'm tired of school and summer break wreaking such havoc on the length of my cycle, and for peace of mind. i know i could snag a pregnancy test just to check, or go to the nurse and have one done, but i think i'm just scared of the potential consequences (which is no doubt stressing my period away even further!).

i'm 20, cis-female, 5'7" and 121lbs, if that info might be of any use.
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