kiki (kikai_saigono) wrote in vaginapagina,

Really heavy period two weeks early. :c

So one might remember a while (long while) back I got of the Depo shot and was worried because I wasn't getting my period even though it was a year after stopping Depo. Well... it came back alright. For the first few periods they have relatively normal to how they were before Depo. However, I just started my period yesterday, and it was a little spotty for a while, and being that this period is two weeks early I thought I was just going to spot a bit. But today I woke up and my sheets and pants were all messed up and I've had to change my tampons every hour or earlier because I start leaking, and I'm wearing the heaviest absorbancy there is. I have NEVER experienced a period like this before. For reference right now I am on NuvaRing but have not had any problems with it before and I am sexually active. Should I be worried? This just seems too heavy and too early to not be concerned over...
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