whitecoralbells (whitecoralbells) wrote in vaginapagina,

Tangled Nerves

I have been a vvs/shortened pelvic floor syndrome patient for a number of years now, but prior to any official diagnosis I also suffered quite a bit from bladder and urinary pain of unspecified origin. Lately, after a couple of years of vvs, these bladder symptoms have reappeared: a kind of muscle cramping feeling, that really alarmed me at first, let me tell you! Sometimes it seems to be related to my cycle, but sometimes not. Anyway, I have a theory about it (after years of having a syndrome that few physicians even acknowledge I have become quite an able diagnostician) and I think that during all these years of pelvic distress, the bladder and urinary muscles and nerves are just overactive. But I wanted to know if there are any others out there who are experiencing something similar (nice to have company), and what people's experiences have been in the way of relief. Relief from all of these troubling things is the goal, after all!
Good luck to all my fellow vvs and pelvic floor patients! We can do it!!!
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