your gypsy uncle (scrabble) wrote in vaginapagina,
your gypsy uncle

Period issues with the pill

I take Ortho Tri Cyclen. Last month I missed my pill two days in a row and started a breakthrough bleed a few days before my placebo week. Because of this I ended up having my period for more than a week. Even after my period seemed to be over, several times when my boyfriend and I had sex, more blood came out and I ended up bleeding for a few more days.

This month I have been more careful, but on both the second and third day of the third week of my pack, my boyfriend and I had sex and when he pulled out there was blood. It was obviously period blood because it was very light. It definitely wasn't fresh blood from any kind of sexual accident. The second time this happened my period started in full force. I am now four days into the placebo week and it is still going, and this entire time it has been fairly heavy. At this point I am not sure if I should just wait it out for another month and see if my hormones are trying to re-regulate, or if I should contact my doctor and see about getting on a new pill. Have I just permanently changed where my period starts in my pill cycle?
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