whiterabit (whiterabit) wrote in vaginapagina,

Birth Control Dilemma

Hi VPer's,

I need advice friends. I went off birth control (had been on it for 6 years continuously) in May it was giving me gall bladder disease. I went off of it and my symptoms immediately went away. When I went to my annual exam my doc gave me a new prescription and basically told me I was going to get pregnant just using condoms. She was very forceful about it. I took them and filled the prescription but drawer'd it to save for later if say I felt the need to get back on it. Well now I am getting into a relationship and my doctors words and my mothers words are all in my head being like GET SUPER protected and I agree but I worry about the ramifications of what it'll do to my body.

My body has been super loving not being on BC, my sex drive is up, my gall pain is almost nonexistent and I now self lubricate, something that while on birth control that last couple years was literally a fantasy.

SO I need help...should I go back on it? I am sort of freaked by the fact that condoms are only 86 percent effective. I have thought about a IUD but I have never been pregnant and am without children so I worry about the pain (I am quite petite everywhere). Also my period are light and easy and I worry a copper IUD would make things about a thousand times worse.

Help, friends!
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