a few prawns short of a galaxy (glitterberrys) wrote in vaginapagina,
a few prawns short of a galaxy

Thick clear discharge lasting months?

For the last two months, give or take, I've been having a ton of clear discharge. At first it seemed watery, but for the last couple of days I've been cleaning the area with hydrogen peroxide (used to just use water on the outside in the shower, but that made irritation worse, for some reason - maybe a pH thing? I know my vaginal pH was off when my doctor checked it last time I was there.) and I've realized that it actually resembles ovulation discharge; very thick and gloppy. My period just ended (after eight freaking days of bleeding; my periods have been all over the map since this summer and it's really messing with my head) and the discharge has gone from frequent and annoying to "please kill me now." There has been some irritation off and on, but not too bad, and the hp wipes usually take care of it, at least temporarily. That doesn't, however, help with the actual discharge (makes sense since I'm using it externally).

My doctor said it was probably BV - he did the usual microscope glance and said there was a slight increase in bacteria, though not like I usually have when my BV is around - and I tried two different antibiotics and some home remedies with no relief (usually I at least feel better while taking the antibiotic, even if the effect wears off quickly). I'm also not having the weird smell, pain and burning I usually have with BV. I googled BV + thick discharge and what came up was "viral vaginitis," which seems to be caused by either herpes or HPV (which I do have).

Does what I'm dealing with sound like BV, or more like something caused by HPV? (Or something else entirely?) I'm mildly worried about the possible HPV connection, as I don't know what strain I have, the possibility of cancer, etc. (Also I was really hoping to be rid of the HPV infection by now, but I've heard that stress can make them worse, and I've been utterly stressed out and miserable since the summer. I'm going for a six month follow-up pap at the end of the month; should I ask him to re-check that or is it done automatically?)

Also, is there any way to deal with incessant discharge in terms of keeping it from irritating me and ruining all my pants? Pads and liners seem to cause more irritation (plus they end up smelling godawful). I'm wearing mostly pajama pants with no underwear around the house, because even just the usual cotton underpants seem to exacerbate the irritation. It actually went away for a few days a couple of weeks back, seemingly at random, so I thought it had somehow fixed itself, but...nope. Sigh.
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