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Endless vag problems after first time sex

I apologise for the obvious fake account- i'm too nervous to post under my real name. I hope this is ok. I'm 24 so I should be beyond this shyness but I'm not!! Sorry.

So about over a month ago, I pretty much had sex for the first time, there were some penetrative issues, pain issues and I had a bit of bleeding. All normal I assumed, though the penetrative issues were continuous, even with lube so much so I'm concerned about vaginitis that I've read about here, but I'm thinking may have just been nerves (he got quite a few fingers in, just when it came to it, hard to get him inside, we are going to persist though).

That's not really the issue, the thing is, since then I feel like I've had endless problems with my vag, and I have never have any problems before at all. I had what I think was a UTI a week or so afterwards, really bad pain when peeing and feeling like I need to go without going. I drank loads and loads and it went away, I spoke to my doctor a few days later and he said as it had gone away I had probably fought the infection by myself and didn't feel I needed anything. Then a week or so later I had really bad itching (which seems like it could be a yeast infection?), but that went away for a couple of weeks, but then it's back again now. I've also had discharge on and off since then (mostly kinda white/clear sometimes and occasionally a little yellow, all only a tiny bit occasionally. And maybe completely unrelated but I've had a period since and I had a lot of brown blood and kinda browny discharge right before and after). 

The itching is back but it's just occasional, not awful like a lot of the info on yeast infection says, so I don't know if it is that. I'm considering trying some of the at home treatments.  

I'm confused why I am suddenly getting so many problems, when I've never even had any discharge before, could all these symptoms be related? Could it be an STI or anything? Or is it just likely things have changed now I've started to be sexually active (though we haven't since as it's a long distance relationship, he's come back in a few weeks and I want to be completely ok). I feel like i've read lots of information here on yeast infections and UTI's and stuff but I can't completely match my problems and nothing seems to link to endless ones after first time sex.

Its like my body is protesting at me losing my virginity! Anyone got any tips or reassurances or even been in the same position? I'm not sure why I'm getting so many problems, it's frustrating (as were the penetrative issues! I just want things to be ok).

Thanks in advance for any information/advice!

(Couldn't work out how to tag as the select tag list wouldn't load properly!? Sorry)
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