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Baaad cramps, Mirena, NHS


I am 23, never had a baby, in a monogamous relationship. I've had a Mirena now for about 2 years.

So - about a month or two ago I posted this over at iud_divas. I was having moderate cramps non-stop, and pretty bad PMS. The cramps and PMS seemed to improve a bit after I got a surprise period, so I just chalked it up to that.

Fast-forward to now. I recently flew from the Middle East (where I live) to Britain. As SOON as I got off the plane here I started experiencing HORRIFIC cramps. I kinda assumed it was something to do with travelling.. (maybe gas?) and hoped it would go away. That was about 5 days ago now, and the cramps are still ridiculously awful and almost non-stop.

My plan is to try and get to a doctor/gyno/sexual health clinic while I'm here to check it out. I'm worried it could be ovarian cysts, or my IUD is displaced all of a sudden. I'd much rather go in Britain than where I live if I could! Also, I just cleared up a UTI with ciproflex if that might have anything to do with anything.

I'm in Bournemouth at the moment, and heading back to London in a couple days. I've been googling the crap out of walk-in clinics here, but I'm still a bit confused. The only GP walk-in in Bournemouth is only open on the weekends, and I'm not really sure if a sexual health clinic can do a pap/ultrasound/whatever might be needed.

I am not a UK resident, so I don't know how this all works!


- How do I get to see a gyno QUICK in Britain? (I'm leaving on Saturday)
- Any idea what might be going on? Any similar experiences to share?

Thanksss so much in advance! Also, I've x-posted this to iud_divas :)

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