vertbio (vertbio) wrote in vaginapagina,

PMS breast tenderness relief?

This happens before every period for me...I think I deal with about 10 days of my breasts being really tender and a bit swollen and heavy. It hurts whenever a dog accidentally smacks me, my bf has to remember to be gentle, even wearing one of my push-up bras can be uncomfortable so I either go braless if I can get away with it, or wear one with no padding. I already know that warmth helps, but that's not a very feasible option most of the time.

I was just wondering if anybody had any home remedies or simple solutions that they think has helped with breast pain before a period or from pregnancy. Any supplements or herbs? I know I should cut the caffeine and sugar and drink more water, it's just easier said than done :\ Thanks to any VPers that can help a sister out :)
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