psycho_lola (psycho_lola) wrote in vaginapagina,

What's this itch?

Hey there!

I'm a bit concerned these past few days... I noticed an itch two days ago in my vagina - as in, in order to relieve it, I would have to 'go in there and scratch'. I didn't worry much, and went to bed. So, yesterday, the itch is still there. It's my lazy day off, so I'm just doing my things and eventually I need to go to the bathroom. I realize while wiping that I am very, VERY itchy, and that it is one of those 'it's itchy, it burns when you scratch, you stop, and you just need to scratch it AGAIN' kind of itch. 

I took a shower to wash myself off (hair and body, never use soap down there due to UTIs) and then took a nice warm bath with a bit of baking soda in it. Felt great! But in the evening, the itch was back, and today, I think I may have a cut a just above my vagina as it is tender (was not able to wash with wash clot) and I noticed a little blood spot. I think it may be due to scratching so much.

I'm a bit concerned on what to do. I heard there are these tests that you can know if you have a yeast infection (never had one before but have a box of still good Canesten lying around, hesitant to try it), as my symptoms seem to resemble. 

I also have a green-ish discharge, but it's not the first time it has happened (it is usually something to worry about but there were times in the past where I had it, went to a clinic, and was okay. Hm...). It may be good to mention that in August I also had BV and had to take medication for it. But I was having no vagina-related problems, only trouble with bladder (if I would drink water, I would need to go to a bathroom 45 minutes later, if not, I would be visibly very bloated and it would bring me to the verge of tears). And also, I had gained a breast size (which brought me up to 32E and almost 32F making me feel very self conscious). After the medication, all was fine. 

Should I take a trip to the clinic tomorrow? Since this is all new to me I am very worried. I'm also back up to a barely fitting 32E (I guess I go up a size every day, two days ago my 32DD was loose) and my stomach is bloated - but that could be PMS because I am due (had my period last month on the 14th, and I am often perfectly on time). What could this be?

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