blushing ambition (_snowandlights) wrote in vaginapagina,
blushing ambition

Temp not rising post-ovulation?

I'm sure there is a better community to ask this question in, but as I am charting for birth control, not because I'm trying to get pregnant, I'm not in any TTC communities.

Basically I have noticed that my temperature isn't rising into a higher range post-ovulation. I am in the same range I was in pre-ovulation, and a few days even lower. I keep waiting for my temps to climb but they aren't. I know I ovulated because my temp dropped then spiked back up like .4 degrees, also I had 2 or 3 days of the egg white cervical mucus. But now, my temperature is curiously low.

It is my understanding that temps are higher post-ovulation because of higher progesterone levels (as opposed to the estrogen that regulates things in the beginning of one's cycle). Should I be concerned that I am either a) not producing enough progesterone or b) producing too much estrogen? Is this something you wold ask your ob/gyn about?

Or am I just over thinking it? I know this is the kind of thing I wouldn't even know about let alone think about if I weren't temping each day.

Any insight would really be appreciated!

Oh also in case it might be relevant, this is my 3rd cycle since having a Mirena IUD removed after 4.5 years.
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