angelsweep (angelsweep) wrote in vaginapagina,

I really hate my vagina

I've  come to really despise my feminine bits!  Excruciating cramps all my life, increasingly longer and heavier periods.  And I always have cysts around it, it's also bloody ugly and uncomfortable.   A few months back I posted on here, about a extremely excessive strange thick runny green tinged grey discharge I was having for almost two months, which was also verified to be this color internally as well as external, along with pain, burning, and bladder discomfort and frequent urination.  There was no odor that was really out of the ordinary, but I did believe it was getting a stronger smell, like a yoghurty smell, or yeasty like bread.   After tests, nothing was found except for both elevated bacteria and candida cells.  Nobody could tell me what that meant, they said they don't normally treat that, but I had symptoms so was given a cream for thrush, this burned and made me bleed but it seemed to do the trick, a few days after I finished the course, I had a gyno exam, I told her what my first tests revealed, and she said that is sounded as though it was out of balance in there, but now everything seemed normal, and I had more tests which were all normal.  It was put down to possibly being some kind of allergic reaction to something, or perhaps caused by my Fibromyalgia, yet again.  Despite that this is a new symptom for me.  Everything seemed fine for a while, but instead I still have a very yellow discharge.  It soaks right through my clothing, and runs down my leg.  Although I've had excessive discharge in the past, I've never had yellow discharge before this year, so I am a bit freaked out, also it is getting rather excessive again, it's very watery and is a yellow like urine color - its not urine though.  I have just turned 34, have not been sexually active at all in around ten years or more, I've never been pregnant, and I am clear of all STDs, AIDS, and cervical abnormalities.  I have suspected endometriosis.  Possibly also Interstitial cystitis and IBS.   After my thrush treatment I was fine for almost a month, except I had yellow discharge, the gyno examiner did nto see anything unusual inside, or yellow or green though. But the odor had gone and was just normal mild or no odor.  Now it seems to be coming back.  I had an ultrasound of my uterus a few years ago, and the only slightly unusual thing was I had one ovary bigger than the other, and quite a lot of fluid in my uterus, which the lady who scanned me said did occur with some woman and was nothing to worry about.   Also, the odor is strange, in that, I've never really had much of an odor at all since the last few years, but it reminds me of yoghurt smell, kind of sharp sour odor.  Is this something that can just happen as women get older?  Am I alone here?  Should I try another internal thrush treatment?  I feel like I am just going round in circles with the doctors.  My last gyno said it sounded as though I was allergic to the cream, and should try something else next time.  I don't know what to ask my doctor for.  I'm getting very down about it, it's affecting what's left of my self-esteem.  
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