Big City Debutante (neverlukewarm) wrote in vaginapagina,
Big City Debutante

Change in Microgynon advice?

Quick public service announcement. Did everyone else know that Microgynon seem to have changed their advice on how many pills you can safely miss? I'm SURE it was always that it was fine to miss one but if you missed two you had to use back-up protection etc. Well, I forgot to take mine till 11 last night, checked the leaflet and now it says you need back up etc even if you are just 12 hours late taking it! But the NHS (Uk National Healthy Service) website still says 'If you’ve missed one pill anywhere in the pack or started a new pack one day late, you’re still protected against pregnancy'...

When I went to the pharmacist she said that if you were 12 hours late you needed back-up/morning after, but didn't advise running two packs together if the missed pill is in last 7 days- as the NHS and Citlopram packaging does. It just seems like there is a complete disconnect between what the Pharamceutical companies advise and what different branches of NHS do, and it's no bloody wonder there are so many unplanned pregnancies!

The pharmacist also wouldn't give me Plan B without asking over and over again if I was sure I wasn't already pregnant. And I'm never sure about anything! So I had to go and do a pregnancy test before she'd give it to me and made me paranoid I'm going to have an ectopic pregnancy!

I've never been very good at taking my pill at the same time every day. I work from home so don't always get up at the same time, and I tend to lie in till midday at weekends, so no idea when would be a good time to choose :-/
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