you fit me better than my favorite sweater (vidriodeperlas) wrote in vaginapagina,
you fit me better than my favorite sweater

Birth Control/Period Question

Hi Everyone. So I went on HBC for the first time in several years last month, and just have a few questions. I waited until my period started to begin the Sprintec, and that happened on October 4th. I had a regular 7 day period, and then when it stopped I continued to take the pills as normal. 

However, I messed up and missed that I was supposed to take all the colored pills before taking any of the whites/placebos, which lead to me having another period in October. Yay.

So, now it's November, and I just want to clarify that this month I should take all three weeks of blue pills and then the last week of the month take the placebos, and that's when my period should come from now on, correct?

I just want to make sure I've finally figured this out .... don't want to keep having double periods every month, lol.

TIA! <3
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