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Soreness and Discomfort after Protected Sex

Hey all,

So. I've just had my second copper IUD inserted after the first one moved out of place, and I'm still on the first 7 days and am therefore using backup again, which means back to condoms!

Last night my boyfriend and I had sex, and all was more or less well--I still have some tenderness left over in my abdomen, but that was solved by adjusting positions and such. Since we haven't been using condoms, however, (and our condom supply is non-existent) we used one of the free ones his roommate got at some university function, which was not our normal brand (we normally use good old fashioned Trojans, and the one we used last night was LifeStyles Xtra Pleasure or something like that).

The sex was roughish (rough for us, as in hard and fast) and we cut right to the chase without much foreplay, ergo I was still pretty dry. In fact, it was a bit difficult getting his penis in at first (I had to kind of work it in), which, looking back on it, was probably the dryness, and could have been fixed by some lube. And, since I was preoccupied with trying to move so my tender uterus was comfortable, I don't think I noticed how dry it was once we actually got going.

Fast forward to the next morning... my vaginal opening, a bit inside, and part of my labia minora feel swollen and EXTREMELY sore. I've had a bit of soreness after sex before, but not as much as this morning... it really hurt to wipe after going to the bathroom. Now, a few hours later, the soreness is a bit better, but it's itching like crazy. :( However, no burning when I pee...

This definitely isn't an STI--we've been together for a while exclusively and were both negative for anything upon entering the relationship, not to mention I've been recently tested in preparation for the IUD insertion--but it's annoying as hell. I haven't had any weird discharge or odour either, and it seems to be a direct result of sexytimes last night.

Anyone else out there experience something similar after dryish sex or switching condom brands? I'm guessing the culprit is the lack of lubrication and subsequent chaffing, but an allergy to the condom lube also seems plausible. Or perhaps it's a yeast infection, I'm not sure, though it seems unlikely that it would come on so strongly and so soon after sex...? What do you people think?

My other main question is (if it seems like chaffing a result of the lack of lubiness) does anyone have advice on how to relieve some of the discomfort or how to speed up the healing of my rubbed-raw vagine? :(
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