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After 3 mo. stacking... 10 days, no ring, no bleed. O_0

Hey ya'll. I could use some insight on my current state of bloodless menstrual limbo.

Since the Nuvaring really isn't working for me as well as it used to (drat!), but the family planning clinic won't see me just to "talk about better options" until my Rx for it is done, I decided to stack 3 rings without a bleed to avoid the symptoms that are bothering me for a while.

Well, the ring came out on 10/25, and usually that means within 3-4 days, I'll have a bleed.

Today is 11/5th and I've had 3 small mucusy clots in my menstrual cup (almost like a cervical plug tinged with red), and a day of mild cramps. My normal bleeds are every 12 year old's worst nightmare of what a menstrual cycle can do to you. Bleeding through my clothes, horrible cramps, fever, body aches, nausea, migraine, digestive upset, irrationality, aggression, you name it. Without HBC of some kind, my quality of life normally takes a serious nose-dive every 29 days. :( So now I'm wondering when my body is going to unleash hell, because generally it has by now.

I'm planning on taking a pee test on Friday to reassure my other half that we don't have to worry about a pregnancy, but in the mean time, I spoke with a customer of mine who is the go-to OB/GYN in town. He specializes in high-risk pregnancies, so he's familiar with what can go haywire in a body like mine (PCOS and Endo). He has suggested switching to a pill called Zarah. He even said he'd call it in for me, but I don't want to start a new Rx without knowing why I haven't had a bleed yet. I have an extensive family history of reproductive cancers and other problems, so I need to rule out this delay being a sign of more difficulties.

So, while I can't say "I can't be pregnant" because I *am* in a sexual relationship, I know the odds of it aren't good. I'm just wondering how long I'm supposed to wait without a bleed before I call for an appointment... cause something's not right. :-/

Thanks in advance!
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