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Vaginal pain during/after penetration (just read the bold, really)

Sex hurts. It hasn't always been like this. It became common while I had my Paragard, as he is big for me and couldn't help but keep hitting my cervix. After the IUD expelled it still hurt and I had no desire for sex. My period is long and heavy and painful (but always on time! oh-ho-ho) so per my gyno's suggestion I'm using the Nuvaring again, this time stacking it for three cycles. I put it in that day, which was just over 2 weeks after my last period started. I'm due to replace it tomorrow.

So, I knew my period would be messed up this month, but I didn't realize how shitty it would be. I started it right after we had sex (I initiated it, thinking it would be a good idea) and though I thought it was just from the sex, I've been fully bleeding since. It's also been one of the most painful periods I've ever, ever had. I'm not bleeding as much but last night I woke up in the middle of the night near tears, rolling around in bed with a hot water bottle, moaning and groaning, all while trying not to keep my bf up.

I have hardly any desire for sex because of the pain. I get very, very raw inside, even if he's gentle. Even with just one finger! I can't come during sex so he usually goes down on me beforehand but this time we tried afterward and even when he used a glob of lube, barely a fingernail in it felt like a knife was going through me! I almost cried. I was stinging and bleeding and felt awful.

I've seen my gyno several times and it costs me a fortune to keep seeing him. The reason why I'm on the ring is so I won't bleed and cramp for half the month and maybe would want and enjoy sex, but this isn't working yet. I'm going to keep trying but I'm not sure if this vaginal pain thing is even related to it.
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