Villagetheatre (villagetheatre) wrote in vaginapagina,

Cramps question....

Hey guys - so I woke up with really bad cramps this morning and I usually don't get cramps until the tomorrow (when I get my period each month). So I'm guessing the cramps are just showing up early from that bc of any new pheromones I got while making out with a new guy?

And then I remembered I was diagnosed w a strain of HPV last January, but my dr didn't seem too concerned bc it's so common. But might the cramps be caused by uteran cancer??

Ps: I found out recently that my anxiety levels might be caused by a brain injury that I endured when I was 11, so I'm finally seeing a therapist who specializes in this this week. And I'm also trying to make my yearly gyno appointment to make sure it's not really cancer, lol.

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